The Role of the Medical Expert

Please arrive on time, as a pre-assessment questionnaire may need completing.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes that will allow for examination.

If you have any difficulties with access or may require assistance, please inform us so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Please bring photographic identification and a utility bill with your address.

The role of the medical expert is to help the court to decide issues that are beyond its expertise or knowledge.  

The medical experts overriding duty is that to the court and therefore is independent in his or her opinion, regardless of who instructs them.

It is not the medical experts role to judge the case, but to make a medical opinion based on given facts (that may be agreed or disputed between parties). 

The medical expert must identify the relevant facts, the nature of any injuries and provide opinion on causation and consequences. The expert, where relevant, may also recommend treatment.

Mr Yasin will take a detailed history regarding the accident, including the mechanism of injury and any past medical history. 

A complete examination will then be performed.

Prior to completion of the report, all previous medical records will also be reviewed.

The completed report will then be forwarded to the instructors, who may then ask you to review the finalised report.

The Role of the Medical Expert

What to expect