​​​We provide expert care for all spinal patients. The team is led by Mr Yasin who is a dedicated spine surgeon, treating all aspects of spinal disease. Our information on selecting a spine surgeon explains why MSC excels in the care they deliver. 

All elements of the spine must be in balance. This emphasises the importance of the entire body and not just the spine, including the pelvis, head and the limbs. Therefore, the spine must bring all of these components into harmony in all planes, both at rest and when moving. At MSC we strive to achieve this in all our treatments. 


The functions of the spine are to support the limbs and provide stability, to protect the neural elements (the spinal cord and its nerve roots) and to allow mobility. At MSC we aim to maintain and improve the function of the spine. 

Lumbar Spine

Form is one of the key elements in art and explores the three-dimensional sculpture. The spine is the central component for the human form and at MSC we aim to re-establish this in cases of spine deformity. 

Balance - Function - Form

Our Ethos


We aim to provide an exceptional level of care for all patients with simple or complex spine problems. All treatments, surgical or non-surgical, are tailor-made to suit the individual patient and improve their quality of life. 


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